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How it's Made

Over a period ranging from late September to approximately March of the following year apples are washed, rinsed & crushed and are pressed for cider in our own purpose made press which although built in 2009 it still requires Rob to make up the cheeses of apple pulp in Hessian to press the juice from. We still consider that this is the best way to obtain juice from apples and helps give it good taste. 

The next part of the process is to ferment the juice in our 1000 litre fermentation vessels with only natural yeasts which are present on the apples which help the process along. Because of this fermentation can take 3 weeks to 6 months before the cyder is finally racked off and put into our 1500 litre storage vessels where it remains until we need to bottle it. We still have some in storage vats from our September 2009 season.

As mentioned previously, after leaving out storage vats the cyder is bottled into 500ml bottles or put into 10 or 20 litre Bag in Box for our many and varied outlets.

Most of our outlets also stock our apple juice which is made when we press the apples for cyder. Usually at each pressing 300 litres of juice will be kept as apple juice. This just means letting it stand for a few days and adding a very small amount of vitamin C, pasteurising in our own made pasteurisers and finally bottling into 300ml bottles.

As time passes the size of both bottles and Bag in Boxes may change depending on customers' requirements.

We hope you have found this page interesting and welcome your comments (good or bad) by emailing us.

If anyone in East Yorkshire has any surplus apples please contact us.

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